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Btmoon selling policy

Welcome to the Btmoon app, the most popular e-commerce app.

The following are some notes regarding the products offered through the application:

All products offered through the app are completely new.

How to buy:

If you want to buy any product offered on the Btmoon app, please click on the Add Cart button and complete the purchase process in order for us to receive the request.

After the completion of the purchase order, the user will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm the order, noting that delivery is within 48 hours from the date of order confirmation.

Original reference:
In the event that there is an original sign on the product offered through the app, Btmoon will guarantee that the product is from the original manufacturer of the product.

And the guarantee is based on returning the product in case it was not original at any time, even if it was used, with a guarantee to return the price of the product to the customer without any additional costs.


Guaranteed signal:
In the event that there is a warranted indication, that is, the product is guaranteed by Btmoon within a period of time that is specified in the explanation of the product. Btmoon guarantees to facilitate the warranty process, receiving the product from the customer, repairing it, and returning it to the customer if the product is within the warranty period and in the event that the terms of the warranty are not violated.

As for the products sold through the Btmoon app that are not covered by the warranty:

The company facilitates the maintenance of the product if possible, and the company informs the customer about the costs and the time period that the product needs to be maintained.


Not guaranteed products:
If there is no warranted logo on the displayed product:

1- The product is guaranteed for 24 hours only from the date of delivery, and Btmoon is responsible for facilitating the maintenance of the product in the event of any malfunction.
2- It is not possible to exchange any product except in the case of differences in specifications.

Btmoon is committed to the following:
1- Providing all information about the site.

2- Clarify the type, nature, properties, specifications and prices of all the products offered to us.

3- Follow-up of all stages of completing the electronic transaction, taking into account preserving the privacy of user data.

4- Clarification of delivery costs determined according to the region and the product and be clear within the electronic transaction.

5- Btmoon reserves the right to amend prices without prior notice, before fixing the electronic transaction.

The product cannot be returned or exchanged in the following cases:

1- Exposed to any breakage or scratching due to use.

2- The product is damaged.

3- Products that have been used and repackaged.

4- The serial numbers have been removed.

5- Lack of any of the product's accessories.

Definition of the application.
An application that offers e-commerce a wide range of products traded by the state. To the consumer with the provision of delivery service to customers.
The company displays the products by including pictures and price of each product in addition to explaining the specifications of the products and the warranty period.
He asks this question from his body.

About the application:
Batmon Limited Liability Company registered in Commercial Register No. 12629

Target Users:
All individuals in the Syrian Arab Republic who are over 16 years old.

Users rights, responsibilities and mechanisms, the main space for its information:
Commercial consumer rights in accordance with the Regulations, the Regulations, the Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Law in Syria, Resolution No. 479 dated 17/2/2019.
2- Customer Responsibilities: Provide complete contact information and receipt addresses.

3- Exchanging information and following a software protocol for information.
Application and application rights:
on the other side
The Company is bound by the price when the User orders any product at the price that he ordered, and

4- Actions to be taken when user provoke policy:
If the user violates the usage policy, the user's account will be banned for a month.
In the event of a repeat violation, the consumer will be permanently banned.

5- Usage Policy Modification Mechanism:
If there is any update or modification on policy, company will send notifications and emails for users.
Privacy policy

1- The personal data of the application user is collected when he requests a service from the application.

Collected information:
1- User information (name - address) is requested when he requests any service through the application.

2- Information is collected when browsing (operating system - IP address).

Use of user information:

1- Using their business information.

2- Using personal information so that the customer support department can provide the best service or solve a problem related to an order.

Confidentiality of personal information:

1- Private personal information is disclosed to a private organization or company

Internal use of information internally only by company employees (customer service - delivery)

Provide services only.

2- Information may be disclosed to government institutions in the event of a court order or a regulatory requirement.