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"Vanity Fair" by the English writer William Makepeace Thackeray

Vanity Fair is an English novel by William Makepeace Thackeray, which follows the lives of Becky Sha..


Book "From Gilgamesh to Nietzsche" by Mustafa Samoudi

In research papers that came in the form of encyclopedic readings on human culture and thought, the ..


Book Black Suits You Ahlam Mostaghani

the two parties? With her rich imagination, the writer invents for her two protagonists, a rich busi..


Book Sure News For Adham Alsharkawi

A book of news written by Adham Sharkawy.. Our view of ourselves determines our value in life! A big..


Book To reassure my heart For Adham Alsharkawi

About the book, a novel to reassure my heart, written by Adham Al-Sharqawi. It is one of the latest ..


Death House Dostoevsky

This book was very well received and was a great success. It was published in favorable circumstance..


Dostoevsky's Eternal Husband

This novel is one of the most famous novels that have been written, and this novel was written by th..


Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge of Courage"

The Red Badge of Courage is a touching story about the American Civil War. The book won internationa..


The Book "Ala AL-Safood" by the Egyptian Author Mustafa Sadeq AL-Rafei

It is written in a period characterized by the intensification of intellectual and literary conflict..


The Book "Be Relaxed" by the Saudi Writer Omar AL-Ghamedi

The book "Be Relaxed" contains a set of encouraging texts and positive ..This book includes a variet..


The book "Beautiful, the Camel's Eye, Face to Face" by Genghis Aitmanov

This book contains three literary works by the famous writer Genghis Itmatov, which are `` Beautiful..


The Book "Cardle" by the Palestinian Writer Mohammad Radwan

A controversial book by the Palestinian writer Mohammed Radwan, where the writer chose the name of C..


The Book "Forgiveness Letter" by the Syrian Poet Abu AL-Alaa AL-Maarri

The message of forgiveness is a literary work by Abu Ala al-Ma'arri, one of the most beautiful books..


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