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Air Fryer Silver Crest 2400 Watt

Air Fryer Silver Crest 2400 Watt

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No more oil smells or kitchen accidents due to hot oil! You can prepare healthier meals using the air-conditioned oven because you can prepare your family's favorite dishes even without oil. You can experience the same grilled and crispy flavors as if you had fried the food in plenty of oil near the stove. Foods fried in many oils are harmful to health as they can lead to heart problems and long-term obesity. With this tool we can fry them practically without oil (80% less need). The air fryer circulates hot air through the machine so food is cooked on the heat. Using it, food prepared in it will stay incredibly crispy and soft, won't be dry or tough, or can be disgustingly greasy. Preset functions make it easy to prepare your favorite baked goods; be it fries, fish, shrimp, crispy bacon, chicken, steak and chops, fries, pizza or even muffins! You can track the time it takes to prepare a particular dish on the LCD screen. The capacity of the device is 6 liters. Fry the healthier way with less or no oil With the air fryer, you can enjoy the same crispy fried foods with less grease and grease. Characteristics : For a versatile, healthy and quick preparation without adding oil or fat XXL frying basket with a huge capacity of 6 liters Intuitive touch control with automatic programs for optimal results Convenient memory function for all automatic programs Basket and fry basket stand with ceramic coating for high scratch resistance Better non-stick effect and easy cleaning Brand: Silver Crest Model: S18 Product Type: Air Fryer Capacity: 6 liters Product weight: 4 kg Associated power: 2400 Watts Product dimensions: 21.5 x 31.5 cm Packaging dimensions: 32 x 32 x 36 cm Package Content: 1 Piece

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