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Air Fryer Silver Crest 5.8 Liter

Air Fryer Silver Crest 5.8 Liter

Product Code: SC-580
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 Silver Crest SC-580 oil-free fryer oil-free baking Large capacity, high power, non-stick coating. easy to clean fat-free frying pan Fat-free fried pot Oil-free frying pan, oil-free frying pan, oil-free oven fat-free frying pan 5l/fat-free fryer otto/oil-free dryer

Product name Silver Crest Oil-Free Fryer Model SC-580

Power 3800W Voltage 220V Power frequency 50Hz

Capacity 5.8 liters

The body material is made of PP plastic, the fryer basket is made of steel with Caflon coating.

SMARTHOME product details Oil-free fryer, size 5.8 liters, model SC-580

Oil-free fryers make your cooking safer and easier.

By using hot air, it can cook many dishes such as frying, baking, roasting, grilling.

It has a timer system and will automatically turn off the power when the timer is zero.

The advantage is that it can heat evenly in every part of the food without using oil.

there is no

Set the cooking time up to 60 minutes.

There is an automatic power cut system.

The temperature can be adjusted from 80-200 degrees Celsius.

Non-stick coated food basket to prevent food from sticking

The basket can be removed separately from the machine. easy to clean

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