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2aol w F3el Game

2aol w F3el Game

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2aol w f3el

A Syrian youth game to spend time with friends and get to know the characters of those around you and their ideas with the addition of the element of fun

Our goal is to keep friends away from mobile phones to enjoy real life.

Each box has three types of cards.

1. Questions cards

2. Action Cards

3. . And Extra Cards

How to play?

The game starts with the owner of the cards, he pulls out a “2aol” card and answer the question if any of the attendees reveals that he is lying or says he doesn't want to answer, or that he forgets 

He withdraws an action paper”f3el” if he answered or did the order, he will be increased a point, but if he didn’t do any, he will be decreased two points.

We celebrate the winner and do the loser the way you want, he is often a boring person.

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